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Searching is a breeze, and if I want to search within a particular mailbox, I can do that. Jun 14, 7: The Apple dummy appellation is self awarded, save the mail to a folder, save the attachment to the same folder. Jun 20, 8: My practice over about 30 years of using PCs as a business tool has been to file all related documents in which ever format,.

That way I go to the subject folder to find the documents I need for reference. I don't have to try to remember whether the document was an email or its particular file format. This practice is also fairly efficient as I only have to look in a limited number of places and I don't have to remember the file format it was in, just the subject heading. When I made the transition to Apple, about two years ago, I did not realise that what you describe was how Apple Macs worked; no-one had mentioned it in all the sales spiel of how great the Apple Mac system was.

The Best Mac Email App

My practice with Windows meant that I just saved an email received in say Outlook in the relevant folder and I retreived it when I needed it, attachments and all. Double clicking on the file opened the email with attachments attached in Outlook. I thought the same applied in Mac OSX. When I recently found out that it didn't -and I have to move the emails complete into a series of dedicated mailboxes - I freaked at the prospect that i have about two years of going back over my emails backed up in Time Machine to retrieve them and put them into the subject mailboxes in Mail.

I now also have to try to remember whether document I'm looking for is an email or something else when I go searching. I acknowledge that OSX provides a nifty search function in Spotlight and I guess that I have to learn to use this more often. Thanks for your helpful comments. uses cookies.

Best email client for Mac OS? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Fonzo Fonzo. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. BarneyE BarneyE. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Allan Eckert Allan Eckert.

I have no problem with it at all. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: BobHarris BobHarris. CT CT. Cerebro Cerebro. It has been working to my satisfaction. Inky is the other client I'll try the next days. Mail is perfect;a fine tool. Sparrow is good but not great. Thunderbird is fine. Postbox is a very good client. Csound1 Csound1. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Thanks for the candid survey. Sure it does, look again.

Eric Root Eric Root. Sorry, Csound, I disagree. Dear Thomas A Read, I take your point, up to a point. Fonzo Question: Ask a question Reset. Email has become an important source of communication for any businesses and individuals. More than 80 percent of people register multiple email ids for businesses and for personal usage. We need to be more productive and stay in touch with messages sent from our Friends, Family and Clients.

To make that process easy we have a desktop email managing applications called EMail Clients.

Using that you can manage any number of email ids right from your desktop. All the important functions available on your web mails will be available on the email clients too.

MailPop for Gmail free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Once you configured the accounts, you will see separate inbox , sent mail, drafts, trash, etc. You can search all the mail accounts right from the search box of the application. So email clients helps you in different ways to effectively manage your email accounts. We recently updated our list of free mail apps for Mac and Paid Alternative mail apps for Mac mail app list.

If you bought a new macbook or imac, then do checkout the essential mac apps for new macs.

Apple Mail 6

It is one of the excellent app for managing emails from your mac desktop. If you are bored looking at the same mail interface from Snow Leopard, then this article will become your favorite without any doubt, as we are about to suggest some Mail App Alternatives with better design improvements. Today I am here with a list of few mail applications for OS X. Next to the official mail app, Sparrow is one of the widely used email client for OS X. It has an excellent user interface which gives a clutter free environment and better readability to your emails.

Also you can integrate your Facebook account with Sparrow easily. Once you integrate the account, it will add all your Facebook contacts to the application. It is one of the best alternative for default mail app in Mac OS X.


Mail Mate has got a really wide and simple layout which offers a good readability to your emails. It has got different layouts and multiple notification methods for the user convenience. Using Mail Mate you can access the old emails even you are offline. It has a personal virtual mailbox which stores the incoming email ids, which can be used while replying to emails.

Postbox is yet another best email client for Mac OS X.

The Best Third-Party Email App for Mac

It has plenty of features more than an email client. Also you can access all these accounts profiles pages and update status right from the Postbox.

Thunderbird is one of the well-known email client from Mozilla for Windows , Linux and Mac. It is an open source application, which gives a simple and classic look to your emails. The interface is very simple to understand and you can manage emails easily through the application.

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