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Dark iPhone wallpapers can be a great addition to your wallpaper collection. Not only do they look cool on the screen, they also add an element of contrast to the device. If you don't like too much color, they are a great way to still get wallpapers that look cool and personalize your iPhone to match your preferences and mood.

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Here are just some of the best we were able to find in different categories. But before we do so, here's a guide on the wallpaper sizes for your particular iPhone model. You like cars but don't want too much color, here's wallpaper that is dark with a single coloring focal point on the car. It is cool and artistic all at the same time and a great addition to your car-themed wallpaper collection. This one is another great addition to your car-themed wallpaper collection.

It is darker than the previous one and with greater detail as it shows the interior of an Audi. A good choice if you want to change wallpapers constantly. If you are into abstract art, here's wallpaper that might just be ideal for you. It is beautifully dark with a blue colored focal point that adds to its beauty. Do you like to read?

Here's great wallpaper to express this live. The wallpaper is beautifully dark with a sampling of books. The text describes a feeling every book lover experiences once in a while. This one is simple yet powerful. The single red rose stands out in the dark background providing a most beautiful focal point of color in otherwise dark wallpaper.

30+ Dark Wallpapers for iPhone 6s/6/5s/5

This one is simple but the significance of it could be very powerful. It really does look like a road to heaven so if you into the deep philosophy it represents, it's a must have. Here's another one that is ideal for you if you like nature and the philosophical messages that nature can have for us. The reflection of the mountain is cool added feature. If you want to go completely dark, here cool wallpaper to serve that purpose. It is dark both in terms of color and theme. Abstract beauty doesn't come better than this one.

It is dark and inspires thought so if you are into the abstract, this is good wallpaper for your collection. Are you inspired by the starts? Here's great wallpaper for you who are fascinated by the world outside our own. The starts add an inspirational touch to the dark silhouette. Here's perfect space-themed wallpaper. Its dark effect is effective in allowing the image to clearly bring on a sense of being in outer space.

It is also quite beautiful. If you like it simple, here's another one that is simple yet awe inspiring in its use of color. It is good wallpaper for when you are undecided on the theme to choose. This abstract wallpaper is great for many different situations. It can be used to symbolize love as it many hearts indicate or it can just be a pretty background for something else. Either way it is a great addition to your collection. Here's another car-themed one. The darkness of this image is profoundly beautiful with just the headlights and the Audi's silhouette illuminating it.

If you love the other two space-themed wallpapers we saw earlier, you will love this one. The beauty of earth is perfectly illustrated against a dark background. This cool wallpaper gives you the feeling of being in the ocean. It has a great realistic feel to it that only adds to its spectacular artistic beauty. The light variant gets activated when the operating system is set to the light mode.

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Only if the device has 4K display, the wallpaper will work fine on those devices, else, you may not get the desired result. Jignesh Padhiyar. Last Updated: September 17, pm. Sponsored Links.

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