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Note : 30 days trial version. Requires request a trial license from author. Download Cubase Pro Latest Version. Top Downloads. Comments and User Reviews. There are some nice ideas in the new mix console concept but I think it's in an early stage.

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In a big mix with lots of channels you get lost very fast because of this. For me personally that's a big deal breaker. Hopefully this will get resolved. Scrianinoff Senior Member. When I upgraded to Cubase 7 some months ago, I noticed the opposite, less crackles than Cubase 6.

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  • Cubase is a software for composing, recording, mixing and editing music.

A few times this produced crackles at even insanely high buffer settings and even crashed Cubase altogether. This was the 7. Perhaps it's better now, but from what I've read it's not working magic if you host most of you're VI's in VE Pro anyway. DaddyO Senior Member.

I downloaded the Cubase 7 demo a few days ago and absolutely love it compared to my current DAW, Sonar. Of course there's a learning curve, and yes, I have to decide the best way to keep it from coughing and dying when I simply load all 7 instruments from CS2 and nothing else 8 GM RAM. The only other thing I've got to figure out is how in the world I would actually be able to purchase it. Did you manage to use your existing E-Licenser, as on the email signup page it says it requires an additional e-licenser?

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Thanks again. Polarity Senior Member. Could be I will download and give a try at it I'll see if this time they will convince me to update at last my Cubase 4.

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It's a shame that they don't seem to offer a crossgrade from other products Dan Selby Active Member. Guy Rowland Sat Mar 23 said:. As for the rest of Cubase 7, I'm rather impressed. Lots of bugs which have been irritating me for years have been fixed - Quick Controls naming over Eucon, and that record disarming bug that made me swear violently at Cubase many times a day have been finally been eradicated.

Also I noticed that in MixConsole, they truncated the track names hard, rather than "intelligently" collapse them to be incomprehensible - I was so delighted at this, I vowed to upgrade immediately. Within 3 hours I read on the Steinberg website that this feature was, in fact, a bug - about to be "fixed" in 7. I've put in a request to make this behaviour a preferences option - I love long track names and fill them out with all sorts of at-a-glance useful routing info, and always pack the important characters into the first few characters - readable over EuCon too.

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Hard truncating is much, much more preferable to me. Download now Developer: Steinberg. License: Update. From the developer: Cubase AI 5 is a lean Cubase version tailored to users looking to record their music without additional bells and whistles. Download Cubase AI 5. Comments You can also add comment via Facebook.

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