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Joined: Hi, Can you please tell me how do I access portable keepass 2 on a mac after having unzipped it on a USB stick. August 13, - pm. Last seen: 18 hours 53 min ago.

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KeePass Portable is Windows Only. Create new account Request new password.

Just New Apps Partner with PortableApps. This password is also used to encrypt the entire contents of the database. You can store your existing passwords in KeePassX and have it generate new passwords for you. KeePassX doesn't require any prior configuration or specific installation instructions. It's ready to go when you are! However, if you wish to try other similar programs we recommend:.

Step 1. Go to the KeePassX Website.

Step 2. Click the Downloads link in the menu on the left side of the page. Step 3. In the Finder window , find the downloaded file and double click to mount it as a disk image. It will show up under Devices in the sidebar of the Finder window. In this guide, we'll be installing KeePassX in the Applications folder of the desktop. But remember that you can also install and use it on portable media, such as a USB flash memory stick or external disk drive.

If you choose install it on a USB flash memory stick, you will be able to launch the application using other computers with compatible operating systems. Since it is a cross-platform tool, you can also save a version of KeePassX for each operating system on your USB drive along with your personal database, enabling you to open and use your database on any other computer. Using the example in this guide, please drag the KeePassX icon into the Applications folder. Find KeePassX Choose a strong and memorable master passphrase , then enter it. It is very important that your master passphrase be unique, long, complex, and difficult to guess.

Unfortunately, it must also be memorable. After all, you can't keep your KeePassX master passphrase inside KeePassX , and writing it down defeats the purpose of using an encrypted password database. If you forget it, however, you will lose access to everything in your database. So, take your time and come up with a good one! If you need help, refer to the tactics guide Create and maintain secure passwords. Be aware of your current circumstances, however. An untrusted person nearby may see your exposed master passphrase!

Step 5. Enter your chosen master passphrase a second time to make sure you got it right. Step 6. Congratulations, you have almost created a new KeePassX database. Now you must name and save it, just like you would any other electronic document. Otherwise, your database and any entries you create in it will be lost. If you store it on a USB flash memory stick, along with a copy of the KeePassX application, you will be able to access and use your database using other computers.

If you are worried that someone with access to your computer might see this file and demand that you tell them your master passphrase, you should probably come up with a less conspicuous name. This has been replaced by the path to your new database, ending with the name you gave it. This means your database has been saved. Or you can use the Close Database shortcut key combination: Command-W. The Command keys have this symbol:.

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Step 4. Find your database in the Documents folder or wherever you chose to save it. Open it up by either double-clicking the file, or by selecting the file and using the shortcut key combination Command-O. In this example, it will show up in your Documents file as passwords.

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Tip : If you were unable to open your database because you forgot the master password , there is no way to open your data base, and there is no way to reset or retrieve your master password. If you are unable to remember it, you can create a new database and delete the first one. The New Entry screen lets you add account information, passwords and other important details into your newly created database.

In the example that follows, we will create an entry in which to store your password for the RiseUp email service. The Add Entry window presents you with a number of fields to be completed.

This guide is no longer being maintained

Losing access to all of your passwords is far from ideal, so make sure you have suitable recovery options like a working a phone number on your primary email account in case the worst happens. These databases take the form of a. KDB KeePass 1 or.

KeePassX allows you to create, manage and open these files, as well as add entries in the form of passwords, usernames and custom fields. Adding a new entry via the New Entry button reveals fields for the entry title, username, a URL and two fields for your password. Make sure you check special characters and increase the length, if the service you are adding allows it.

Hitting the Apply button will copy the password into the appropriate fields. It is commonly used in everyday life. For example paying with a credit card not only requires the card, Read More , so if you value your security use it. In fact, I would go And though Dropbox integrates with dozens of third-party applications, Google Drive After downloading and signing in to the cloud storage service of choice, open the respective mobile app and find the. KDB or. KDBX file you just created. When prompted, choose Open in… and choose MiniKeePass when asked to do so.

Once complete, you have full access to your KeePass database on your iPhone. You can view, create or delete entries, but you cannot change the master password or automatically sync back with your PC. I personally only sync one-way, which means I only update my database on my Mac. This then saves to my Google Drive, which allows me to quickly open the file from Google Drive in MiniKeePass the older file will be replaced by the new one, provided the filenames are the same.

By only syncing one-way, I never have to worry about which version is most up-to-date.

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Using a paid alternative to KeePass will afford you better compatibility with various devices, more polish when it comes to software and in some cases support when things go wrong. There are alternatives to LastPass, 1Password and KeePass, but these three are arguably the most popular solutions on the market. KeePass is open source, which means that its security algorithms have stood the test of time so far — if you want to break it, go ahead and give it a go. What worries many is proprietary encryption, such as that used by LastPass.

KeePass 1 has stood the test of time well and KeePass 2 databases improve on what is already a very good thing. Do you use a password manager to keep your computer and iPhone in sync? Which did you choose, and why? Let us know how you feel in the comments, below. Explore more about: Password Manager , Smartphone Security. Your email address will not be published.

There is another project, KyPass Companion, but it is not really advanced in features. My Macbook Pro recently crashed requiring a new hard drive. Everything was supposedly backed up on my external drive but the KeePass app is gone. Whatever version I had was free, but free isn't worth it if it can't be recovered.

A Spotlight search for ". Good luck. For your issues with the long password : I simply allow MiniKeePass to remember my password; as I have an iPhone 5S with touch recognition, it looks like an acceptable security trade-off. Earlier, I said "I wish there was a way to keep minikeepass open while switching between windows on the iPad.