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Away from the frenetic, buzzing energy of the ground floor MAC counter, the new make up lounge offers a peaceful haven where you can relax and learn at leisure. In trademark MAC style, the new area is decked in glossy black and mirrored surfaces, with expert lighting and comfy black leather stools. Hundreds of sleek, disguised drawers hold every product available, and make-up artists dart niftily between them. The services on offer include make-up lessons, bridal make-up and false lash application.

How to Get Certified as a MAC Makeup Artist - QC Makeup Academy

We trialled the hour long application it is available in an express version that takes only half an hour. The make-up artist begins by cleaning and prepping the skin, including the steps we are often guilty of overlooking, such as priming. Gain Extra Certifications. Among many other celebrities works with Dani Fonseca is the make up artist appointed by Lady Gagas born this way video, there really is no one better to teach you everything you need to know about becoming a professional airbrush makeup artist.

This certificate comes from the Academy of Freelance Makeup in London and is also certified by Temptu. Holding the worlds number one body painter designer title of first place for 3 years awarded by the world body painting federation, Roper is at the top of her game. Our students are incredibly lucky to get this amazing body painter to each them all they need to know in becoming a professional body painter.

Caroline will guide you though all the steps of applying body paint this will include kit essentials, all of the application techniques you could ever need and of course her top secret tips and tricks. FAQs What is an online makeup school?


An online course is just another form of education with all the perks of being in a classroom but done remotely. We have designed our online course so you feel that you are learning in a one-to-one environment with your mentor. You have the ability to communicate all your questions to your personal mentor and also get the experience of being backstage at major industry events.

This online course is unique in its way of making you feel like you have done it in a studio and not from the comfort of your own home. Is is possible to learn effectively online?

Learning how to apply makeup online is all about watching and learning but most importantly practicing. It is also about understanding the tools and products that are required to achieve specific looks. You will be learning how to create these looks from some of the best artists in the industry in a step-by-step format. The best way to ensure that you are learning the techniques taught to you whilst learning is to practice as much as possible on your model, a friend or family member will be needed for each module. We have created an online course that is more interactive than any other course available.

Our tutorial videos are easy to watch with an in depth step-by-step process, displaying all the tips, techniques, products and tools used.

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No other education institute can give you this amount of extra footage to watch and learn from. There is really no other online school that offers what we have available to you, all from the comfort of your own home. This is the bitter truth, there are no qualifications required to becoming a makeup artist. It is all about your skill, the way you network yourself, build contacts and relationships in the industry. AOFM is here to give you all the necessary skills and insider knowledge about the industry but it is all up to you once you complete the course.

It is completely up to you! Once you enrol on the course, you are given 12 months to complete it, during that time it is down to you how often you study and submit your work, there are hours and hours of footage to view with the AOFM Online school. Throughout the duration of the course you will have to complete the videos in a pre-arranged order.

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After each module you are responsible to complete your online assessment with your mentor. Once your assessment has been critiqued and you have passed, you will then gain access to the next module of videos. Once graduated, you are given a further 12 months of access to our aftercare programe , there is definitely no shortage of educational videos so it all depends on the time you have to watch and learn!

The course fee includes access to 17 sections containing all of the tutorial videos that guide you to becoming a professional makeup artist. Along with the educational tutorial videos you will gain access to a number of exclusive AOFM Masterclasses led by some of the industry's elite talent and influential leaders. Here you will see step-by-steps for the looks created and have the opportunity to re-create them in the comfort of your own home.

We will also take you on a Private Shopping journey to some of the best cosmetic brands, giving you insider knowledge about leading products, this will guide you when building your makeup kit. How will I receive my kit and is everything I need included in it? The products included in the kit are entirely subject to availability, if for any reason an included product is unavailable, it will be substituted without notice.

This, along with our global travels to the fashion capitals of the world for Fashion Week and other industry events, means we have unrivalled experience of the makeup industry across the globe resulting in AOFM being the leading makeup school. What kind of Aftercare and Support do I receive after I have completed the course? Will I receive a certificate after completing the online course? Yes, once you have completed your online course, passed your qualifying one-to-one examination and have received your feedback from your personal mentor, you will receive a certificate sent to you from our academy in London.

We do not have a payment plan scheme in place for our online course, the cost is a fixed price to be payable upon enrolling on the course. MAC Cosmetics is a world leading professional makeup brand that is used by the top freelance makeup artists all over the world.

MAC work with schools who qualify for their support making sure that the schools meet their criteria. Here at AOFM, we are proud to work closely with MAC and we are honored to offer our students amazing products to start their journey in professional makeup artistry, but that's not all!

Taking advantage of an amazing discount and the MAC pro community.

We are the ONLY online makeup school to offer this to our students. As well as our unique relationship with MAC cosmetics, we offer our students access to a database of brands from all four corners of the world, this includes iconic brands such as Giorgio Armani, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Inglot etc. Now that I have trained, how do I become a successful makeup artist and start making money?

Training, assisting, testing and lots of practice are all key to becoming a successful makeup artist. However, commitment, dedication, networking and building contacts in the industry are also essential elements to ensure you have a good chance of doing really well. It's known to be a tough industry to crack, but once you get your foot in the door then you will be flying. And here at AOFM we aim to give you that foot through the door.

Some makeup artists may already have industry contacts, which will help them to get ahead quite quickly while others will have to knock on a lot of doors to be given opportunities, if you are willing to put in the legwork it usually pays off.

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Kaliardos just applies a light coat on the forehead and the area around the nose for a shine-free photograph. He likes to add it high on the cheek bone, far away from the nose, for a sculpted look. Kaliardosemphasizes the use of makeup tools.

I had a makeover at 10 different beauty counters, and this is what they all looked like...

Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. When it comes to makeup of any kind the most important thing is to blend.

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