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By now, the practice is well-established.

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But the issue of management still looms large. How can IT deploy Macs that run Windows without multiplying the complexity and cost of deployment, maintenance and security by at least a factor of two?

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Windows on Mac works, and can work well. The most relevant question for enterprises is which Windows-on-Mac virtualization options offer:. They vary in cost, complexity and feature sets, and my perceptions of their pros and cons might help you decide which will be best for your circumstances. Using a basket of benchmarks covering CPU, graphics and sample workflow measurements, performance was simply not a key differentiator in these tests. All of the products we tested are mature and stable, and aside from the natural differences between Boot Camp and the rest native hardware support vs.

Virtualization always incurs processing overhead, and it will never be as fast as native, non-virtualized instances — which brings us to the first option, Boot Camp. A Mac running Windows via Boot Camp will perform at pretty much the same speed as a dedicated Windows machine with equivalent hardware specs — in fact, Macs have often made great higher-end Windows machines, and compatibility is usually not an issue as long as Apple supports the version of Windows you need; see below.

A big drawback with Boot Camp, however, is that every switch between Windows and macOS requires a complete reboot, which gets frustrating if you have to do it a lot. There can also be compatibility issues when accessing files on NTFS-formatted Windows drives from the Mac side — though third-party drivers are available, such as those from Paragon Software Group , that bridge that gap. Even an individual machine can be difficult to set up with Boot Camp, and of course a large, heterogeneous enterprise deployment will be more so.

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Adding stand-alone, unmanaged copies of Windows to your environment via Boot Camp may not be advisable from a security or manageability perspective. Expert users and IT staff should have no problem, but those used to fairly seamless and simple Mac installations may find it far from intuitive. The current version of Boot Camp 6. If the combination of hardware and operating system you want is not officially supported, there is almost always a fairly simple workaround. For instance, while Boot Camp 6. Furthermore, a number of the virtualization solutions either include or can be integrated with tools to help with the creation, migration and deployment of standardized VMs, greatly simplifying large-scale implementation and support.

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That said, using Boot Camp to run Windows on Macs provides unmatched bare-metal performance and has the additional advantage of being free not including the cost of the Windows licenses. So for both speed and cost, Boot Camp is the baseline. Other Virtual PC versions: 1.

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The file in here that you'll need is "VPCAdditions Thanks to Fortuna Wave for the heads up. Fortuna Wave: Yes thank you. I was able to complete the upgrade with this. I've updated the page info. I'm hoping also to see the Connectix updates 6. They aren't required for the update to 6.

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I've looked on-line without luck, they're not available from the wayback machine, either. This wrecks your original VPC You'll need to start over again, re-install and run version 6. Now that is obscure.

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Thanks, I would not have found it otherwise. I'm adding that info to the above. VPC-Win 5. My original Word doc of this was created Dec 10, ;-. Windows 3. Microsoft Virtual Server. Sample Scripts from previous releases of Virtual Server.

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Hyper-V Server is now free as a stand-alone product. I like it, especially when using Linux VMs. VM Ware Server - Free full version 2. Lots of new features, x64 VM support, plus it's free! Parallel's Desktop 4 for Windows and Linux.

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Parallel's has finally released an update to the Workstation 2.