Wake on lan mac via internet

You can: Manage all computers in your LAN or domain.

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Reboot, Shutdown and Wake Up them remotely. Automate your work with built-in scheduler. Use command line mode and remote deployment.

Save your time and electrical energy. Try it Read more IP or host name Your IP Details: IP-address can be specified either in decimal like You can specify multiple IP addresses comma separated.


How do I perform Wake-on-LAN with Splashtop 2/Personal? (WoL)

MACs should be also comma separated for appropriate IPs. When your computer behind a firewall or it has specific VLAN or subnet bit-mask use broadcast IP of your network for example When checked, power management is enabled on the network adapter.

If the router does not allow NAT to be forwarded on a broadcast address it is a bug in some routers , a work around is to define the subnet for your LAN as On some routers, first define subnet as The router may remember which cable interface, which last used the MAC address, and will send the WOL package to the correct Ethernet cable, but if the router is booted, such an information will be lost, and WOL will fail.

In such a case it should be the IP address for the router, seen from the Internet.

Unless you're paying extra for a static public IP, your ISP can change your public IP address whenever it wants, often when you reboot your router. MAC Address : The syntax is 12 hex digits.